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When we work with companies on a growth journey, our focus is on your real value proposition.  It’s all about  understanding your target customers’ needs and how your solution delivers value.  With clear market segmentation and value propositions, you can then fine-tune your business model to drive results.  

We have designed a set of workshops to introduce you to the principles of the nVision approach. These short, focused workshops are designed for up to 8 participants and are run regularly in centres around NZ.    We can also provide them “in-house” to bring your team on board.

Articulating Value Proposition
$350+gst per person

This 3 hour workshop helps you to understand your customers’ needs and to position your product or service offering against a high value need.  We will introduce you to a useful tool called the Value Proposition Canvas, which provides a way to map and describe offerings to customer needs. At the end of the workshop you will be equipped to articulate your value proposition more clearly to your customers.

Exploring Business Models
$350+gst per person

Once you can articulate your value proposition, making sure your Business Model works is critical.  In this 3 hour workshop, we introduce you to a Business Model Canvas tool that helps you create a 360 degree view of your business model. We help you use the tool to look for disconnects or conflicts in your current  business models and to explore whether your business model is appropriate for all customer segments. At the end of the workshop you should be able to use the tool to evaluate your own business model and identify opportunities for improvement.

Leveraging Disruptive Technology
$350+gst per person

Whatever business you are in, technology changes are providing you with threats and opportunities for your Value Proposition and Business Model.   We’ve put together this 3 hour workshop to help you and your team understand the positive and negative disruption potential of technology on your business and start to plan a response. During the workshop you will learn to assess and prioritise the risks and opportunities of emerging technologies on your business and  understand some new ways of working to access, deploy and manage new technology successfully.  This session is designed for business people (but technologists are welcome).

These workshops are eligible for subsidy through your local business growth agency – learn more here.

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 Articulating Value Proposition Exploring Business Models Leveraging Disruptive Technologies

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