Service Overview

We offer a suite of connected services that begin with assessing your business, then moves through re-imagining your business and on to implementing your vision.



  • Take stock of your business
  • nVestigate Investment – preparing for due diligence
  • nVestigate Further – deeper analysis of problems and opportunities
  • nVestigate Risk – know and manage your risks


  • Creating a vision for the future
  • nVision Value – unlocking your value proposition
  • nVision Strategy – create a sustainable business model
  • nVision Tech – make emerging technologies work for you



  • Implement your vision
  • nAble Investment – get your business ready for investment
  • nAble Governance – build governance that works
  • nAble Tech – implementing and harnessing new technologies

Getting Export Ready

  • Perform on the International Stage
  • Assessment and Diagnostic – find the opportunities to improve
  • Action Plan – to create a sustainable business model
  • Coaching – to implement the plan and become export ready
  • Readiness – to engage in other government funded export support programmes
  • Subsidies available through your Regional Business Partner


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