Disruptive Technology

Digital disruption – It’s the digital economy, stupid!

Contributed by Mark Smith In 1992, the US Democrat campaign strategist, James Carville, internally focused on three key messages as the important issues for the election campaign. Change vs. more of the same The economy, stupid Don’t forget health care. In a lovely example of snowcloning ̵...

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Digital disruption and the nature of the firm

Contributed by Mark Smith Why do firms exist in the first place and how might digital disruption change the economics and structure of the firm? The Nobel-prize winning economist, Ronald Coase, analysed why an entrepreneur would hire employees in the first place rather than contract with the open ma...

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“Something wicked this way comes” – Digital disruption and other 21st century challenges

Contributed by Mark Smith The world is awash with warnings about the impact of digital disruption and of course IT vendors and “digital” strategy consultants are similarly awash with their solutions and advice. There’s a splendid proliferation of new terms and offerings; ad agencies have trans...

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