What people say about us …

Beertique Ltd 

“Working with nVision for 5 weeks, we learned more about our business than we thought was possible.  The nVision Snapshot process exposed in a really straightforward, unemotional and illuminating way both the strengths of our business and the challenges we were facing. 

We know now what is working, what we need to do differently and where we need to focus. 

The Investment workstream helped us clarify what we really needed financially and what we were looking for in an investor.  We have slowed the need for investment down while we put in place some solid foundations which we are sure will produce greater value in the future. 

Matt and Kate were great to work with, helping us find our own way.  Now we know the path we need to be on, we will definitely be working with nVision again to help us stay on track.  We would definitely recommend nVision to anyone struggling with growth.”

 Mel and Phil Dale – Directors



I have worked with Gavin Mitchell for a number of years in his capacity as Director of Veriphi.

I have appreciated Gavin’s wise counsel  over that period and I value his ability to make a calm appraisal of business  issues and recommend appropriate actions.

He is someone who’s opinion I would  not hesitate to seek when looking for advice on a way forward.

Greg Shanahan – Managing Director


NZ Micrographic Services Ltd

“Here at NZMS, we know exactly what our software product Recollect can do; but we had trouble articulating it in a way that existing and prospective customers could relate to.

An introduction by a colleague to Gavin Mitchell at nVision set about a fantastic Value Proposition discovery process where we were mentored, schooled and workshopped into the minds of our customers:

“Whose problem are you solving?” as Gavin would say. 

Over and above that, we wanted assistance in clarifying the support layers we needed to deliver our Value Proposition (in a disruptive environment!); namely the people, resources and technology layers embracing sales, marketing, software development and product management.  nVision are providing us with fresh eyes to redefine a sustainable business model to deliver that value.

I recommend nVision to you all – it’s easy to lose touch with your Value Proposition, or not have one at all.  More businesses need to know what nVision can do for them! ” 

Andy Fenton – Managing Director